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TrueBalanceDance presents Karen McDonald and her focus on healthy living. Karen is an undefeated National Ballroom Champion, with more than 200 titles, who has expanded her approach to health by incorporating nutrition, skin care, wellness programs and other holistic disciplines, such as yoga, breathwork, destressing and weight awareness.


The site allows clients to learn the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, incorporating physical exercise, nutrition, and skin fitness and renewal. Clients have access to a wealth of information on health, can register for various nutritional programs, and contact Karen directly.

The site was designed to reflect the client's vision of her business, which had just been established. It included a close collaboration on the visual design of the site to match the visual design of the business The project involved extensive photo processing, Flash animations, corporate logo design and graphic design.

The scope of the project originally covered ballroom dancing, wedding dance instructions, and movement disciplines. It was completed in four weeks after a period of several months, while the client worked thru business image decisions. After a successful opening of the site, it was redesigned to include the additional scope of the business, with a new focus on nutrition and skin fitness. The redesign was completed in less than three weeks.

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