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Who We Are....

PHASE4DESIGN was founded by Vince Grillo, a senior Information Technology manager in the Financial Services industry. Since it's inception, Phase4Design has provided automation services to many small companies in the New York metropolitan area, some as small as sole proprietors, that otherwise would not be able to afford them.

In 1998, Vince shifted his focus to web site design and development, marketing communications services, logo design and other aspects of corporate identity and branding. He is responsible for the sites currently managed by Phase4Design. Clients include concert producers, dance studios, law firms, artists, foundations, telephone service providers, and charitable organizations.

Prior to founding Phase4Design, Vince was responsible for the management of multi-million dollar organizations in Computer Services, Systems Development and Check Processing. The business principals that guide Phase4Design today were forged in the large-system world in a career that spanned 40 years, and witnessed the emergence of computer automation in support of business.

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How We Operate....

DO YOU REALLY NEED A WEBSITE? The internet can play an important role in any company's marketing communications plan. Your site will provide visibility to your products and services; it will enable your customers and potential customers to find you, and to contact you with questions or requests; and it will keep your company's message and product information available  on a 24/7/365 basis.

WHAT IS THE BEST DESIGN? Your site should be easy to read and navigate, with key information clearly presented on your home page, and links logically situated and easy to understand.

It should have the same look and feel as your other marketing tools: brochures, print advertising, stationary, etc. Each will have it's own distinctive characteristics, but color, logo design and marketing taglines should all have the same corporate style.

HOW DO YOU GET STARTED? We will work with you to review your current marketing communication plan, and suggest options for the scope and style of your website. The review is part of the service, and our initial effort in your project.